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nutrition stack


what are nutrients? any subsance that is useful for our bodies and are small enoth to fit in a cell.
what is a monosaccharide (a simple carb)? a simple sugar that is made up of one molicule.
what is a polysaccharite (a complex carb)? a long chain of simple sugars linked togeher.
what are saturated fats? the fat from animal sorses that has a maxinum number of H in its moluicules.
what are unsaturated fats? the fat from plant sorses that are liquid at room temp.
what is a essential amino acid? one of eight amino acids that our body cannot make on its own.
what is the diffrence between a essential amino acid and a non essential amino acid? a essential amino acid must be intained in what we eat verses nonessential ones can be made by our body.
what is the diffrence between a complete protein and a incomplete protein? complete proteins come from meat and have all essential eight amino acids verses incoplete proteins come from plant sorses and are missing at least one essential amino acid.
what are the four food groups? Grains, Milk and alternitives, meat and alternitives, fruits and vegtables, oils and fats.
what does carbohydrates break down into? simple sugars
what does the body use carbohydrates for? short term energy
in what foods are there carbohydrates? bread, fruits, and whole grains
what does fat break down into? lipids ( fatty acids)
what does the body use fat for? cell membranes, organ padding, long term energy storage, fat soluble vitamins, and as part of nerves
in what foods is there fat? vegtable oils, butter, and lard
what does protein break down into? amino acids
what does the body use protein for? cell structures, and repair of cells
in what food is there protein? meat, tofu, eggs. nuts, beans, and dairy
what does fiber break down into? nothing! it does not break down
what does the body use fiber for? it cleans the digestive track of food
in what foods is there fiber? cellery, popcorn, and fruits
what does water break down into? water is water: water breaks down into water
what does the body use water for? waste, main compound of cells, cools your body, and acts like a lubicant
where do you find water in any liquid that you can eat.
Created by: maxdabbs