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SRM - Eberhart2

Ch 9-3 The Golden Age of Athens 6th grade

Which 2 enemies worked together to defeat the Persians? Sparta & Athens
Why did the Spartans cooperate with the Athenians? They realized they had no choice if the Persians were to be defeated.
What did Greek philosophers believe? It was possible to explain why things happen in nature rather than attribute events to gods & goddesses.
Why is the period after the defeat of the Persians considered a “golden age” for Athens? life in Athens flourished as the city-state experienced great growth & richness.
How were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle alike? All were philosophers who taught people how to reason.
What decisions did Athens make regarding the funds of the Delian League? used the funds to construct public buildings
In what way did the Athenians act unwisely in dealing with their allies in the Delian League? Leaders though they were so powerful that they should tell other city-states what to do.
What was the major reason for Sparta’s victory over Athens? The plague caused thousands to die, including Pericles. Without its great leader, Athens became unstable.
Why was Sparta so weak even though it was victorious in the Peloponnesian War? So many of its soldiers had died in the war that Sparta no longer had the military strength it once had.
What were the causes of the decline of Athens and Sparta? unemployment, plague, & war
Created by: Kenyab