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Math Deck 5

ACT Prep

Aesthetic Sensitive to art & beauty
Apprehensive Anxious or fearful about the future; uneasy
Berate To scold severely
Extroverted Demonstrative; outgoing
Deplete To empty; exhaust
Disparage To lower in reputation; belittle
Elusive Difficult to find or capture
Esoteric Intended for or understood by only a chosen few; abstruse
Explicit Clearly stated; leaving nothing implied
Flounder To struggle to move or obtain footing
Gluttonous Describing someone who greedily eats too much
Illusory Deceptive; not real
Lethargic Lacking energy
Obsolete No longer in use or practice; no longer in fashion
Pragmatic Concerned with actual practice rather than theory; practical
Reputable Having a good reputation; respectable
Scarcity Shortage; Insufficient amount
Succinct Concise; to the point
Venerate To revere
Virtuous Pure; honorable
Created by: courtneydeloach