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Caesar Vocab12345780

Vocab nd shyt

Conspirator A person who takes part in a conspiracy
Malice Desire or intention to do evil
EXigent Demanding
Covetous Having great desire to possess something usually someone else's.
STrife ANgry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues.
Visage Persons expressions
The ides of March 15th of march
mantle TOga?
Prodigy Has exceptional talents
appertain relate to or concern
fain disposed
Portentous a sign or warning that something is likely to happen.
oration formal speech
Soliloquy THoughts spoken out loud
emulation ambition to equal or excel
augmented Having been made greater in size or value
tragedy Downfall of the tragic hero
appease to please some one
foreboding feeling something bad will happen
tragic flaw Error made by tragic hero leading to the downfall.
dramatic irony When the audience knows something the characters on stage dont know.
affability someone easy to talk to
chastisement to punish
aside meant for audience to hear while other characters cant.
beseech to ask someone urgently to do something
ethics morals that govern the way a person or a group acts
puissant having great power or influence
mettle a persons ability to cope with difficulties
cogitation carefully thought about
devoid entirely lacking
monologue long speech given
prophesy say what will happen in the future
virtue Behavior showing high moral standards
Tyrant Cruel ruler
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