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Science Notes Chp. 3


_______ is when primitive organisms require only one parent to reproduce offspring. Asexual reproduction
______ is when two parents are required to produce offspring Sexual reproduction
______ form through meiosis Reproductive cells
After the first division of ______, the nucleus of each new cell has the same number of chromosomes as the nucleus of the parent cell meiosis
An organisms process of development is called _________ metamorphosis
Young animals that have the same shape as their parents go through _________ direct development
The ____ is the process in which an animal is born unable to reproduce and grows to become a reproducing adult life cycle
Animals grow through _____ a process in which cells make exact copies of themselves mitosis
Eye color is an ______ that parents pass on to their offspring inherited trait
If one parent has a ______ such as blue eyes it may be made by the stronger _____ of brown eyes recessive trait, dominant trait
All of these characteristics are located on the DNA which is contained in the _____ genes
_____ growing through mitosis produce identical copies of the original cell Cells
____ mitosis allows a lizard to regenerate a new tail if it is cut off. Rapid
Through metamorphosis an insect changes the form of its ______ as it grows body
The 3 stages of incomplete metamorphosis are: egg,nymph,and adult
____ parents are required for sexual reproduction Two
The _____ prepares for mitosis by making exact copies of chromosomes nucleus
In sexual reproduction, 2 cells combine to form a one cell ______ zygote
Genes found on chromosomes contain the ___ codes for inherited traits DNA
_______ offspring have the same shapes as adults Indirect development
One human trait that is not inherited is _______ balance
An example of incomplete metamorphosis is the life cycle of the ________ grasshopper
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