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衣服 Yīfú Clothes
穿 Chuān Wear
Huáng Yellow
先生 Xiānshēng Mr., Husband
西装 Xīzhuāng Suit
太太 Tàitài Mrs., Wife
连衣裙 Liányīqún Dress
衬衫 Chènshān Shirt
裤子 Kùzi Pants
小姐 Xiǎojiě Miss, young lady
旗袍 Qípáo a traditional Chinese close-fitting dress
T恤衫 T xùshān T-shirt
棉袄 Mián ǎo Cotton-padded jacket
毛衣 Máoyī Sweater
裙子 Qúnzi Skirt
外套 Wàitào Coat
牛仔裤 Niúzǎikù Jeans
怎么样 Zěnme yàng How about
Jiàn Pieces
Tài Too
Zhǎng Long
Tiáo Article
Féi Fat
Shòu Thin
起来 Qǐlái Up
舒服 Shūfú Comfortable
漂亮 Piàoliang Beautiful
Created by: shihyingchang