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Height above sea level Altitude
Monotonous, humming sound Drone
Control used to turn a plane Rudder
Turned, as on a pivot Slewed
Formal visit allowed by a court Visitation
Barren, frozen plain Tundra
A small aircraft Bushplane
Sudden, sometimes painful, contraction Spasm
Unconscious with a lack of response Coma
Choppiness Turbulence
A metal covering of an airplane's engine Cowling
An aircraft instrument that measures altitude Altimeter
The lever that controls the amount of fuel Throttle
Unspecific; not clear Vague
Wailing Keening
Damp and somewhat cool or sticky Clammy
Very strong physical or emotional pain Agony
Lessening Abating
Small hills Hummocks
Able to be used on land or water Amphibious
Driven or urged to take action Motivated
Desirable thing or quality Asset
Lessen Diminish
Completely crushed or demolished Pulverized
Attractively because of rich growth Lushly
Lessened or moved away Receded
Sharpness of flavor Tang
Move quickly with a skipping motion Skittered
Stuffed or pushed down with something solid Imbedded
Flammable substance that can be used to start a fire Tinder
Slender, curling shapes Tendrils
A passage for smoke Flue
Swirled Eddied
Inactive; sleeping Dormant
Full of twists and knots Gnarled
Covered in a way to make a fire burn steadily Banked
Depression Funk
Burn slowly Smolder
Bends Refracts
Felt joy Exulted
To make up for; to correct Rectify
Able to weaken or wear sown Corrosive
Weakened or damaged Impaired
Loosely woven, screen-like fabric or wire Mesh
A pen or a trap Enclosure
Caused annoyance or frustration Exasperated
Protective coloring or markings Camouflage
To make steady Stabilize
Caught fire Ignited
Pine sap Pitch
A physical position relative to a fixed point Attitude
A knob-like mass Boss
Not stopping Incessant
Unharmed Intact
Cheerful Chipper
Area undisturbed by human activity Wilderness
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