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McC 8Sci Met, Metric

McC 8 Scientific Method, Metrics

Accuracy The closeness of an observed value of a quantity to the true value
Constant Factor that stays the same through all phases of an experiment
Control Standard used for comparison in an experiment
Dependent Variable Factor that will be measured in an experiment
Hypothesis Statement that can be tested with experiments
Independent Variable Single factor in an experiment that the experimenter changes
Inference Conclusion drawn from an observation
Law Describes the behavior of something in nature
Mass Amount of matter in an object
Volume Amount of space occupied by an object
Density Mass of an object divided by its volume
Observation Information gathered with the senses
Precision Number of digits used to record a measurement
Quantitative An observation involving measurement or numbers
Qualitative An observation based on qualities such as color, shape, size
Theory Explanation supported by results of many experiments (attempts to explain why it happens
Valid Based on truth or reason
Analyze Examine in detail
Collect To gather together; to assemble or accumulate
Communicate To give or exchange information
Conducts To transmit or convey
Construct To put together systematically
Critique A critical analysis or review
Demonstrate To show how something works; to explain using examples
Evaluate To judge the worth of
Examine To look at critically or methodically; investigate; inspect
Extrapolate To estimate on the basis of known facts
Formulate To express in a definite way; to work out in one’s mind; devise
Identify To determine the identity of
Implement To carry into effect; accomplish
Inference Conclusions drawn from observations that attempt to explain the observations
Investigate To inquire; to search
Measurement(measure) To determine the dimensions, quantity, or capacity of an object
Observing To examine scientifically
Organize To provide with an orderly structure or arrangement
Plan A systematic program for completing a task
Predict The expected outcome of a future event (no observations needed)
Record To write down the known facts
Review To re examine
Selecting To choose or pick out
Classifying process of sorting objects or events into groups based on common features
Experimental Investigation series of carefully planned steps used to test a hypothesis
Interpret to explain the meaning of something
Qualitative Observation information gathered using only words (without numbers)
Quantitative Observation information gathered using numbers
Sequencing the order of items
Technology use of knowledge gained through science to make new products or tools
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