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Bosch- Animas

Bosch- Animals

Vertebrate an animal with a skull and a backbone; includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.
Invertebrate an animal without a backbone
Consumer an organism that eats producers or other organisms for energy
Predator an organism that eats other organisms
prey an organism that is eaten by another organism
innate behavior a behavior that is influenced by genes and does not depend on learning
learned behavior a behavior that has been learned from experience
hibernation a period of inactivity that some animals experience in winter that allows them to survive on stored body fat
estivation a period of reduced activity that some animals experience in summer
biological clock internal control of natural cycles
circadian rhythm a natural daily cycle
social behavior the interaction between animals of the same species
communication the transfer of a signal from one animal to another that results in some type of response
territory an area occupied by one animal or a group of animals from which other members of the species are excluded
pheromone a chemical produced by animals for communication
bilateral symmetry a body plan in which two halves of an organism's body are mirror images of each other
radial symmetry a body plan in which the parts of the body are arranged in a circle
asymmetrical without symmetry
ganglia group of nerve cells
open circulatory system a circulatory system consisting of a heart that pumps blood through spaces called sinuses
closed circulatory system a circulatory system in which a heart circulates blood through a network of vessels that forms a closed loop
segmented exoskeleton an external skeleton made up of protein and chitin where segments grow together
mandible a jaw found on some arthropods
complete metamorphosis consists of four stages: egg, larve, pupa and adult
incomplete metamorphosis consists of three stages: egg, nymph and adult
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