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drug qui

for class 11-28-11

retavase aka reteplase
heparin aka none
heparin class anticoagulant
heparin dose 5000 units IV
retavase class fibrinolytic
retavase dose 10 unit bolus followed by 10 unit bolus in 30 min
epi racemic aka none
epi racemic class sympathomimetic
oxytocin aka pitocin
oxytocin class hormone
mag sulfate aka MAG
MAG class electrolyte
MAG dose *1-2g over 1-2 min *1-2g in 10 ml over 5-20 *1-2g in 100ml over 5-60 min *1-4g IV/IO over 3 min
MAG indications *V-Fib *V-Tach *Torsades de pointes ("twisting of the points") *AMI *Eclampsia situations requiring bronchodilation (asthma, COPD), pregnancy induced HTN seizures
MAG actions *Calcium channel blocker *Anti-convulsant *Depresses CNS *Depress smooth, cardiac and skeletal muscles increases QT interval, replenishes mag cation, relaxes smiooth muscle, depresses CNS
MAG remarks Contra: *Heart block *Shock *Hypertension *Hypocalcemia SE: hypotension, respiratory depression Precausions:CNS depression, calcium chloride may be used as antidote
oxytocin dose 3-10 units IM after delivery 10-40 unitis in 100 mL NS IV titrate to effect
oxytcoin indications severe postpartum hemorrage
oxytocin actions uterine contractions
oxytocin remarks contra: use prior to delivery
epi racemic dose MDI 2-3 inhalationsq 5 min // NEB treatment in hospital 5 mL in 5 mL NS over 15 min
epi racemic indications asthma, bronchospasm, croup, laryngeal edema
epi racemic actions bronchodilator, smooth muscle relaxant
epi racemic remarks soultion: dilute 5 mL in 5 mL NS give over 15 min
heparin indications to prevent thrombosis
heparin actions anticoagulant, prevents fibrin
heparin remarks caution w/ bleeding problems
retavase indications AMI
retavase actions generates plasmin that breaks down fibrin
retavase remarks induces bleeding and increase risk of CVA
Created by: heatherenigma