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anaerobic bacteria bacteria that live in an environment devoid of oxygen
bioaccumulation the amount of a substance increases as it moves up the food chain
biomagnification bioaccumulation occurs through several levels of the food chain
concentration a measure of the amount of dissolved substance contained per unit of volume
emissions discharges, such as from a smokestack
methylmercury the byproduct of metabolism by anerobic bacteria, typically living in an acidic environment with access to carbon and sulfur
toxicity the degree to which something is poisonous
food chain a set of organisms that food upon one another and pass energy down the chain
food web multiple, interconnected food chains
macroinvertebrate an organism without a backbone that is large enought yo see without a microscope
mercury cycle the deposition and uptake of mercury from the emission source to the indigestion by organisms
anthropogenic human caused
lipophylic fat loving
watershed the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into one water body.
sublimation moving from solid to gas without liquid stage (ice to water)
infiltration water seeping into the ground
transpiration water evaporating from plants due to heat through leaves
evaporation liquid to vapor (water moving into the air)
evapotranspiration transpiration plus the water evaporated from land and water
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