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Latin Year 11

Page 5

fortis brave
forum forum, market place
frater brother
frustra in vain
fugio run away, flee
gaudeo be pleased, rejoice
gaudium joy, pleasure
gens family, tribe, race, people
gladius sword
gravis heavy, serious
habeo have
habito live
heri yesterday
hic this, he, she, it
hic here
hodie today
homo man, human being
hora hour
hortor encourage, urge
hortus garden
hostis enemy
iaceo lie
iacio throw
iam now, already
ianua door
ibi there
idem the same
igitur therefore, and so
ille that, he, she, it
imperator emperor, general, leader
imperium empire, power, command
impero order, command, power
in in, on
in into, onto
incendo burn, set on fire
infelix unlucky, unhappy
Created by: Marge-Homer