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Nur 1010

Introduction to nursing test

ANA Nurses' associated Alumnae fo the Unite states and Canada- renamed American Nurses Association foucused on achieving legal recognition for trained nurses( political body for nurses)
ADN Associated Degree
BSN Baccalaureate Degree
1860 First organized training school Nightingale Training schoo for Nurses in St. Thomas Hospital (london)
1873 Linda Richards 1st trained Rn in US; developed nursing note
1879 Mary Mahoney 1st professionally trained African- American nurse,
1882 Clara Barton American Red Cross
1893 Lillian Wald& Mary Brewster started the Henry Strees Settlement House and henry Street Visiting Nurse Services to care of the poor
National Organization for Purblic health Nursing (NOPHN) nursing first specialty organization
ANA declares year of the Nurse
1974 AAMN American Assembly for Men in Nursing
NLN National League of Nursing - governs nursing education
A.D.P.I.E. Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation
Autonomous independent
Hospital diploma Program 3yrs hospital based program
U A P Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
Social Issures 1. Aging, 2. Poverty 3. Cultural Diversity 4. Violence 5. Environmental
Social Challenges 1. nursing faculty shortage 2. shrtage of school nurses 3. Retention 4. Civility in the workplace 5. curltural competence
Part A: medicare Hopital coverage
Part B: medicare Doctors/phystian Insurance coverage
Part D: medicare Perscription coverage
The nurses symbol butterfly
1873 The first three training schools bellevue Hospital in New York City, Connecticut Hopital in New Haven, massachusetts General Hopital in Boston
Superintendent of Johns Hospital School of Nursing Isabel Hampton
NLNE National League for Nursing Education - to promote fellowship of members to establish and maintain a unversal standard fo training
Annie Goddrich Inspector of Nurses Training Schools for the New York Stae Education department, later Yale
Frances Payne Bolton a congress woman form ohio, who sponsored a bill that authorized the us public health service to establish the Cadet Nurse corps.
NACGN the National Association of Colored Graduate
Mildred Montag proposed a new program to prepare nurse techicians in 2 year associate degree at the community college
How many levels of health Care Six levels
Preventtive care education , prevention
Primary care early detection and routince care
Tertiary care (special care) Special care ( higly tech.)
Restorative care Intermediate follo-up, postoperative rountine care, rehabilitations, home care
Contininuing care lont-term care, chronic care, personal care, hopice care
Professional standards review organizations (PSRO)that functioned to review the quality, quantity and cost of hopital care provided through medicar and others
Utilization Review (UR) committes to review admissions diagnostic testing and treatments provided by physicians to clients.
Prospective payment system cost-based reimbursement from medicare
DRG Diagnosis related groups (DRG) - used in the rhabilitation setting
RUG Resource utilization groups (RUG)- used in the long
Managed care organization (MCO) provides comprehensive, prventive, and treatment service to a specific group of voluntarily enrolled persons.
Medicare MCO Program same as MCO but designed to cover health care costs of senior citizens.
Preferred provider organization (PPO) one that limits an erolles's choice to a list of preffered hospitals, physicins and providers
Exclusive provider organization (EPO) One that limits an enrolle's choice to providers belonging to one organization.
Mediacare Federally funded national health insurance programin the united states for ppl over the age 65
Medicaid Federally funded, state-operated program of mecial assistance to people with low incomes.
Private insurance traditional fee-for service plan payment computed after services are provided on basis of number of services used.
Long-term care insurance Supplemental insurance for coverage of long-ter care services.
Nursing is the protection , promotion, and optimization of health and abilities prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals. American Nurses Assoication (ANA)- Developed this definition
Evidence - based practice the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values
Professionally we imply the person is conscientious in actions, knowledgeable in the subject, and responsible to self and others.
Code of Ethics defines the principles by which nurses provide care to their clients.
National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses NCLEX-RN
Novice beginning nursing studentor any nurse entering a situation in whihc there is no previous level of experience.
Advanced Beginner A nurse who has had some level of exprience with the situation.
competent a nuse who has been in the same clinical position for 2-4 years.
Proficient A nurse with greaterh than 2-3 years of experience in the sma e clinical position
Expert A nurse with diverse experience who has an intuitive grasp of an existing or potential clinical problem.
caregiver the nurse helps the clien regain health through the healing process.
Client advocate the nurse protects the client's human and legal rights and provides assistance in asserting those rights if the need arises.
Clinical decision maker the nurse uses critcal thinking skills throughout the nursing process to provide effective care.
Advanced Practice nurse (APN) is generally the most independent functioning nurse.
Professional organization is created to deal with issues of conern to those practicing in the profession.
Being a successful student with goals setting goals, time management, effective study habits , critical thinking, commitment
What is a goal? an object or aim. Something you want to achieve, accomplish, or attain, a destination, a desired outcome.
Purpose of goals Set priorities, establish guidlines identify tasks and responsibilitiesm maintain focus, helps maximize your time/ potential
Effective Goals must be: Specific - identify precisely what is to be accomplished measurable - sets levels of performance Realistic - reasonable chance of accomplishing
have a time frame- length of time it will take to accomplish agree with personal beliefs and values Effective goals must have
Setting goals identify your roles , identify a goal fo reach role, short term and /or long term, identify rationales and expectied outcomes, put it in writing , share with people.
revise, eliminate reset ways to evaluate your goals
compassion, courage, truth , dreams, risk taking, innovation, competition, individuality, curiosity, perserverance Characteristics of a creative thinker
Created by: Loterewl