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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 14

THERMOS heat (Greek)
CURRO/CURSUM run (Latin)
ZOON animal (Greek)
VERTO/VERSUM turn (Latin)
FACIO/FACTUM do, make (Latin)
thermal relating to heat
thermos bottle insulated bottle which keeps the contents hot or cold
thermometer device for measuring heat
thermogenic causing or originating (generating) heat
current running, ongoing
curriculum study that runs over a period of time
recur run into again
cursive writing that runs without lifting the pen or pencil
zoology study of animals
protozoon earliest form of one-celled animal life on earth
Mesozoic middle animal period
Paleozoic early animal period (many fossils)
reverse turn back
advertise turn people toward a product
universe stars all turning as one wheel or cosmos
conversation taking turns in talking together
factory place for making things
manufacture make by hand
perfect done all the way through
satisfy to make enough
scriptures sacred writings (Bible)
describe write down
prescription something written ahead (doctor's direction to a pharmacist)
script writing (like the words of a play)
duplicate twofold
multiplication increase in number manifold
accomplice one who is folded together with another in crime
replica a bending or folding again; a reproduction or copy
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