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Nursing Care During the Postpartum Period

What is Puerperium? Puerperium refers to the postpartum period... usually around the 1st 6 weeks after birth.
When does puerperium begin and end? Begins with the delivery of the placenta and ends with resumption of menses
What is Involution? the process that results in rapid healing and a return to the pre-pregnant state (Contraction, Catabolism, Regeneration)
How is the womans body temperature for the 1st 24 hours after childbirth? Temperature may be elevated for up to 24 hours with no other symptoms
What abnormal pulse is common after childbirth? Bradycardia
What is the involution of the uterus? The uterine fundes decreases in height approximately 1cm per day after delivery
For the first 12 hours after delivery, where is the fundus of the uterus? roughly 1cm - 2cm above or below the umbilicus for the 1st 12 hours
When does involution of the uterus begin? immediately following the expulsion of the placenta, contracting firmly
How long after delivery is bladder tone restored to normal? 3 months
How is the uterus displaced after delivery? Upward and laterally
When after delivery is the first bowel movement? Usually first bowel movement is in the 2nd-3rd day
What is Lochia? post delivery uterine discharge
How is lochia assessed? *Color *Amount *Odor *Presence of clots
What is Lochia Rubra? Blood content; red colored for the first 1-3 days
What is Lochia serosa? Pink to brown discharge day 4 – 11
What is Lochia alba? Slightly yellow to white discharge which lasts to 3 weeks
How is heavy lochia volume defined? Heavy is saturating a pad every 1 hours
How is moderate lochia volume defined? Moderate is less than a 4 - 6 inch stain on the pad
How is light lochia volume defined? Light is less than a 1 - 4 inch stain
How is scant lochia volume defined? Scant is less than a 1 inch stain
How is excessive lochia volume defined? Excessive is saturation of a peripad pad within 15 minutes
When must lochia be immediately reported to provider? *Foul smelling, bright red discharge *Clots are passed which are larger than the size of your fist *Pad is saturated in less than one hour
What does REEDA stand for? *Redness *Edema *Ecchymosis *Discharge *Approximation
What is REEDA used as a check for? Episiotomy
How is the PT positioned for a perineum assessment? lay on her side in Sims position and flex her upper leg
Fill in the blanks: Blood ________ factors are higher, the postpartum patient is at increased risk for ____ formation Clotting, clot
Post partum chills are thought to be due to what? the sudden release of pressure on the pelvic nerve
A PT is complaining of a headache during the postpartum period, as a LPN you know that... Postpartum headaches are common and may be caused by various conditions
How long can the enlargement of the PTs feet during pregnancy last after delivery? Feet may be permanently enlarged
How long must a woman avoid pregnancy after receiving a rubella vaccination? 28 days (used to be 3 months)
What is given to a Rh-negative mother who has a Rh-positive infant Rho(D) Immune Globulin (Rho Gam)
How long after delivery must the mother be kept NPO? Until bowel sounds return
What can be given to relieve a mothers flatus after delivery? Simethecone
What are the phases of Rubin’s Psychological Changes of the Puerperium? *Phase 1: Taking In *Phase 2: Taking Hold *Phase 3: Letting Go
What can be done to strengthen pubococcygeal muscles? Kegel Exercise
What are post-partum danger signs in the behavior of the mother? *Passive reactions, either verbal or nonverbal *Hostile reactions *Disappointment over the sex of the baby *Lack of eye contact *Non-supportive interaction between parents
Postpartum depression affects what percentage of mothers? 70%
True or False: Post-partum blues does not affect the mothers ability to care for the infant True
How may a toddler react to a newborn sibling? *Infant is competition *May have sleep problems *Regression
How may a Preschooler react to a newborn sibling? look more than touch
How may a school age child react to a newborn sibling? easily adapt
What can be given if during the Postpartum Period the fundus is not firm, and massaging and breast feeding does not increase the muscle tone? oxytocic medication
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