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about deserts

how much rainfall do deserts receive? they receive less than 250ml of water per year.
how is it possible that Antarctica can be covered in ice? it is possible because Antarctica has special animals that live there and no one lives there because it is very cold such like a hot desert.
what type of desert is the Sahara desert? the Sahara desert is located in northern Africa. the Sahara desert is the worlds largest hot desert. it is a hot desert.
what type of desert is the Mojave desert? a Mojave is a hot and cold desert. with a mixture of weathers.
name two of the deserts that can be found in Australia? two deserts in Australia is the Simpson desert and the Gibson desert.
what is an animal adaptation? an animal adaptation is an animal that can survive in a different climate with special things in there body to help them survive.
name four animals that can survive in a desert environment? camel, marsupial mole, termites and rock wallabies
for each of the animals that can survive in the desert. describe the special adaptations they have that helps them survive? camel has double layers of eyelashes to keep all the sand out of its eyes. marsupial mole has blind eyes. the termites build tunnels to keep safe and rock wallabies rest in shady caves. they eat grass and bark.
which types of plants can survive in the desert? barrel cactus, brittle bush, chain fruit cholla, creosote bush and more. also include cactus.
how do plants survive when there is very little water in the desert? they store water from the underground water and by using there roots as a water collector.
why do a cactus have sharp spikes? to keep predictors away.
who are the Bedouins? they are nomads that mainly live in the Arabian peninsula.
what country do the pitjanjara people come from? they come from south Australia.
which items should a human carry with them if they are to survive a walk through the desert? flashlight, mosquito repellent, long sleeved clothes, first aid kit, sunscreen, waterproofed matches and sugar tablets.
what types of minerals and resources can be mined from deserts? gold, platinum,silver. you can also find oil and petrol. opals and diamonds.
in what way do deserts act as an environmental signal for climate change scientists? is when the weather has different effects on the desert which can cause problems or issues in the desert which could effect the thinking of a scientist and cause a change.
what are the two different ways that desert can be formed? when no rain reaches the area of land in a long time of years. and the 2 one is when there is no body living in that area with no buildings and society.
how might deserts be helpful as a source of fuel for the future? deserts provide a heap amount of fuel to allow the humans to have fuel in the near future.
Created by: cfakhoury