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Chinese unit 4

time and activities

fen minute
ke 15 min. Quarter
ban 30 min. half
ling zero
早上 zao shang morning (dawn-9am)
上午 shang wu morning (9-noon)
中午 zhong wu noon (12-1)
下午 xia wu afternoon (2-4)
晚上 wan shang night
夜里 ye li deep night (after midnight)
半夜 ban ye midnight
现在 xian zai now
每天 mei tian everyday
天天 tian tian everyday
有时候 you shi hou sometimes
kuai almost
dao to arrive/ to reach
duo more than/ over
起床 qi chuang to get up/ to wake up
chi to eat
fan meal/ rice
早饭 zao fan breakfast
吃早饭 chi zao fan to eat breakfast
吃早点 chi zao dian to eat a light breakfast
中饭 zhong fan lunch
吃中饭 chi zhong fan to eat lunch
晚饭 wan fan dinner
吃晚饭 chi wan fan to eatdinner
吃点心 chi dian xin to eat dessert
上学 shang xue to go to school
上网 shang wang to go on the internet
工作 gong zuo to work
kan to see/ watch/ read/ look at
看书 kan shu to read a book
看电视 kan dian shi to watch TV
看电影 kan dian ying to watch a movie
看小说 kan xiao shuo to read a novel
看朋友 kan peng you to visit friends
fang to let go/ to set free
放学 fang xue to be dismissed from school
hui return
回家 hui jia to go home
zuo to do/ to make
作业 zuo ye homework
做作业 zuo zuo ye to do homework
yong to use
用电脑 yong dian nao to use the computer
睡觉 shui jiao to sleep/ to go to bed
快乐 kuai le happy/ happiness
lai to come
qu to go
he to drink
喝水 he shui to drink water
喝茶 he cha to drink tea
喝咖啡 he ka fei to drink coffee
做操 zuo cao to exercise
做早操 zuo zao cao to do moring exercise
打球 da qiu to play ball games
wan to play
休息 xiu xi to rest
买东西 mai dong xi to go shopping
学习 xue xi to study
dian hour
Created by: anelyto
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