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Metamorphic Rock

Definition of metamorphic rock Changed rock in a solid state produced from preexisting igneous and sedimentary and other metamorphic rocks
Change continues until... A state of equilibrium with a new environment is reached.
Parent rock The original material where rock came from (every metamorphic rock has one)
Heat/Thermal Metamorphism Most important agent of change that provides the energy needed to drive chemical reactions.
Pressure/Dynamic Metamorphism Increases with depth
Stress Metamorphism a) Rocks at great depth behave plasticly b) Rocks at the surface are cooler & have a tendency to shear
Most common chemically active fluid is... Water containing ions in solution because it dissolves minerals and aids migration & precipitation of material at other sites
Textural & Mineralogical Changes Low to high grade metamorphism a) Reflects the degree of metamorphism b) Low grade metamorphism makes rocks more compact & denser
Pressure causes... Recrystallization
Definition of recrystallization The enlargement of old minerals The birth of new ones The transformation of low temperature minerals to high temperature ones
Created by: kbkari