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caro science

what is dilution? adding a fresh amount of solvent to make the outcome less concentrated
what is surface tension? weak bonds that hold together and form a dome shape
why will a paper clip float? even though it has a higher density, the surface tension will hold and the bonds wont break if you put it on lightly
what is a divide point? a point that separates a watershed
what water conditions would you find the greatest amount of dissolved oxygen in the water? cold water flowing at a fast rate
what type of organsim is capable of converting asmospheric nitrogen into a form we can us? soy bean plants
when nitrogen is fixed what form does it take? ammonia
excess particulates increase what water characteristic? turbitity
what is a negative consequence of excessive particulates in water supply? fish gills get clogged and photosynthesis drops
what is not a biolodgical indicator of a healthy water supply? worms
what is the hydrylic cycle? the motion of water through the various layers of the earth
what is a meniscus? raised water level when water lies in a gradulated cylinder
what is groundwater? water that flows throught tiny pore spaces in rocks beneath the surface of the earth
what is surface tension? attraction of water to itself to create a skin on the surface of the water
what is condensation? gas-liquid
what is runoff? water flowing downhill on the surface of the ground
what is eutrohpication? an algae bloom caused by excess nutrients entering surface water
what is a watershed? an area drained by a certain body of water
what is specific heat? the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a certain amount of a substance by 1 degree
what is infiltration? water endering the ground as part of the water cycle
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