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Huck Finn

Review for the test

Who is the narrator for the most part of the novel? Huck Finn
Type of narration used in the novel? First person with some second person
Who is Huck's guardian at the beginning of the novel? Widow Douglas
Who is Miss Watson? She is an old maid who tries to teach Huck stories from the Bible.
What does Pap desire from Huck? Money
Characterize Pap. Terrible drunk, horrible father, abusive to Huck
Who is Jim? A slave who runs away from Widow Douglas.
Who "holds" Huck's money to keep it safe from Pap? Judge Thatcher
Characterize Boggs. He is a harmless town drunk.
Who is Buck Grangerford? He was around Huck's age. Buck was killed during the feud with the Sheperdsons.
List some complaints Pap has about the "govement". The government allows free Black men to vote, it prohibits Black men who have been in the state for six months from being sold, it supports Huck keeping the money from Pap, and it wants to keep Huck away from Pap.
Where did Huck hide the money? In the coffin.
Who likes to creat complicated plans? Tom Sawyer
What is satire? Writing that attempts to point out or ridicule faults through exaggerated examples.
What is irony? A contrast between the expected and reality
What is dialect? The way people speak in a certain region
What is theme? A statement the novel makes about mankind
Created by: duers