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SS 10: Geography

Ch 10 Geological History

Plate Tectonics A theory stating that the earth's outer shell is made up of about twenty plates.
Erosion The wearing down of the Earth's surface by natural means.
Fossils The remains or impression of a plant or animal hardened in rock.
Geologic Time The timing and relationships between the events that have occurred during the history of the earth. The earth is 4.6 billion years old.
Eras represents a time of major sediment deposition and earth movement.
Canadian Shield Only region of Canada existing during Precambrian Era. Some of its mountains were 12 000 meters, taller than any that are around today.
Folding When the land is under huge force and is up lifted and the earth buckles (also forms mountains)
Faulting When the earth's surface cracks due to pressure (also forms mountains)
Igneous rock When liquid magma rises from the mantel and cools and hardens
Metamorphic Rock Occurs when sedimentary or igneous rock is changed due to temperature and pressure.
Sedimentary Rock When rock is broken down and is transported by water. It is laid down in layers.
Glaciers Huge masses of ice.
Ice Age A period of long-term reduction in the temperature of Earth's climate
seismologist Scientist that studies earthquakes and the effects of them.
Wegener In 1915 came up with the theory of continental drift.
Cenozoic "The Age of Mammals", began 65 million years ago (still going on), Continents drifted to current position, Alps, Himalayas, & Andes were folded.
Mesozoic Era Middle life that spanned 180 million years. Known as the age of reptiles. It has three periods: Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous. Events of this era include Pangea starts to break apart, dinosaurs were alive and died, Rocky Mtns were formed.
Pangaea All the continents put together to form a super-continent
Precambrian Time period that spans around 4,500 million years ago when the earth was created to the evolution of abundant macroscopic hard-shelled animals
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