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Unit 4 Vocabulary

Review of Unit 4 Vocabulary

Vocabulary WordDefinition
dismayed troubled greatly
impression effect produced on a person
insult say something rude
records the known facts about a person, group, and so on
sprouts the first stalks of germinating plants eaten as vegetables
winced flinched slightly
announcer person who introduces programs, reads news, and so on
cargo load of goods
delays periods of times when things are put off or held up
injuries damage
obstacles hindrances
overtakes catches up and moves ahead
skids slides
wilderness wild place; region with few or no people living in it
bruised injured under the skin
lodge dwelling; house
possession something owned
pouch bag or sack
reckless careless
ankle joint that connects a foot with a leg
athlete person trained in sports and physical exercises of agility, speed, skill, and strength
confident assured of oneself
overcame conquered an obstacle
relay race in which each member participates in a certain part of the distance
responsible having the duty or obligation to take care of someone or something
sprint run at top speed for a short distance
recall remember
reel to draw in or wind on a roller or spool
sheath case or covering for a knife
souvenirs keepsakes
squished pressed out something soft and wet
traditions things that are handed down from one generation to the next
Created by: MissWhite
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