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Aplogia Exploring Creation with Botany Ch 4 Vocab words

Vocabulary worddefinition
Self-Pollination When pollen from a stamen goes to the carpel on the same flower
Nectaries At the bottom of the flower where nectar is stored
evolutionists people who believe that all of the animals and plants in creation just happened with no plan or design
evolution every plant and animal developed its special parts and features through a random process
landing pad a large flat surface for a helicopter to land on
visible spectrum set of colors in the rainbow
infrared light light from the sun that cannot be seen with the human eye, on the red side of the visible spectrum
ultraviolet light light from the sun that cannot be seen with the human eye, on the violet side of the visible spectrum
nectar guides special patterns on the petal of flowers which tell the bees and butterflies exactly where their nectar is stored
proboscis used by the butterfly to collect nectar, a long culry "straw"
nocturnal Sleep during the day and come out during the night
imperfect flowers flowers with just stamens or carpels
Created by: ndarden