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Molecular Genetics

Molecular Gentics

The nucleotide is when ? In a nucleic-acid chain, a subunit that consists of a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogenous base.
Base pairing is the ? Is the principle that bonds in DNA can form only between adenine and thymine and between guanine and cytosine
Chromatin is when ever something is caused by ? The granular material visible within the nucleus; consists of DNA tightly coiled around proteins.
Molecular Genetics is the study of ? The agents that pass information from generation to generation.
What do genes determine ? They determine the heredity traits.
Many disease are caused by ? Mutations or changes in the DNA sequence.
Molecular genetics also refers to or sometimes introduced to ? a fundamental theory alleging that genes direct all life process through the production of polypeptides.
Is the stage where opposite chromosomes are moved to the end spindles are ? Anaphase.
The process where genetics diseases get more severe in each successive generation are ? Is the anticipation.
Is a mutation resulting in the loss of normal DNA sequence is ? A deletion.
conversion from double stranded to single stranded form, often by heating sometimes by treatment with alkali ? Denaturation.
The average number of times any sequence, originally present in a single copy in the genome, will be represented in a genomic library? Depth.
The mutant polypeptide disrupts the function of the wild type polypeptide in heterozygotes ? Dominant negative mutation.
A technique whereby molecules are separated by movement in an electric field. In zone electrophoresis the molecules are ordered on the basis of their charge to weight ratios ? Electrophoresis.
A trait which is more common in the relatives of an affected person ? Familial trait.
A cell with more than one nucleus formed by the fusion of two or more cells ? Heterokaryon.
having only one copy of one of the chromosomes ? Monosomy.
Two individuals derived from a single fertilised egg and therefore genetically identical ? Monozygotic twins.
An individual composed of more than one genetically distinguishable cell population derived from a single zygote ? The Mosaic.
A normal cell division resulting in two genetically identical daughter cells ? Is the process of Mitosis.
The members of a family, also used to describe a diagram of their relationships one to another and with information on the inheritance of one or more conditions or genetic loci ? Also called a Pedigree.
A brother or sister is called a ? A sib
The DNA structure which stabilises the ends of chromosomes ? Telomere.
A substance which can cause malformations of foetuses ? Teratogen.
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