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Ch 6 vocab Passport

remark comment or say
confidently certain of having the ability, judgment, and resources needed to succeed
rations a fixed and limited amount of something
balcony a platform projecting from the interior or exterior wall of a building
imprisoned to lock somebody up in prison
occupied military to invade and take control of a country, area, or building
raid a sudden attack made by soldiers, aircraft, police, bandits, or any other force in an attempt to seize or destroy something
siege a military or police operation in which troops or the police surround a place and cut off all outside access to force surrender
semi- intelligent half smart
chimney a hollow structure, usually made of brick or steel, that allows gas, smoke, or steam from a fire or furnace to leave a building
disrepair poor working order or condition as a result of neglect
patriotic a proud supporter or defender of his or her country and its way of life
artifacts an object made by a human being that has archaeological or cultural interest
continuous continuing without changing, stopping, or being interrupted
memorabilia objects associated with a famous person or event: collectors' items
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