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M. E. Tes Questions

1-7, vocab 2

What is the impact of water pollution on the Middle East? People don't have enough access to clean water, There isn't enough clean water to begin with, but polluted water makes it much worse.
Where does most of the water in the Middle East get distributed? irrigation
How do dams affect countries that downstream on rivers? By the time the water gets to them, it us usually polluted, and much less of an amount than it would have been.
How does the distribution of oil affect the standard of living in Middle Eastern countries? The standard has risen. Infrastructure and literacy rates have improved. These improvements have not taken place in nations without oil. Israel is the only exception.
How do rivers and deserts affect the population and where people live? People must live near water sources to irrigate crops and have access to clean drinking water.
What is the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group? An ethnic group of people share a learned belief and practice of culture passed down through generations. A religious group shares a common belief system but is not necessarily composed of a single ethnic group.
How are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity similar? They are all monotheistic. They all consider Jerusalem to be a holy land. They all accept the concept of judgement day, sin, and repentance.
How are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam different? Judaism believes God will send a prophet but hasn't yet. Islam and Judaism believe Jesus was a prophet, not a savior as Christians think. Christians believe in resurrection. Islam teaches Jewish and Christian prophets were sent messages by Allah
What do the Sunni Muslims believe? That their leader should be elected from those most capable of the job
What do the Shia Muslims believe? That power after muhammed's death should have passed to a member of his family. Shia Muslims continue to honor the bloodlines.
What are most muslims... Sunni or Shia? Sunni
How does a country's standard of living affect literacy rates? Very positive impact! The two are good for each other. The higher the literacy rate, the better standard of living. Educated people have the ability to make more money.
GNP Gross National Product-value of all goods and services that a country produces in 1 year inside the country
GDP Gross Domestic Product-values of all goods and services within a country
Market economy an economy in which the government owns most of the industries and makes most of the economic decisions
Traditional Economy exchange of goods or services based on custom and tradition
exodus Hebrews escape from ancient Egypt
refugees people who are forced to leave home because of persecution, war, or a natural disaster
theocracy a government ruled by religious leadership
Taliban Islamic militants that ruled over Afghanistan and enforced strict Islamic law
Al-Queda A group of radical Islamic terrorists based in Afghanistan
monarchy A state ruled by a monarch who reigns over a territory for life by heredity
communism a totalism system of government in which a single party controls state owned means of production
embargo a formal hault to trade with a particular country for economic or political reasons
quota a limit to the number or amount of a foreign product
pilgrimmage a journey to a sacred place or shrine
hajj the religious pilgrimmage of Muslims to Mecca
renewable resources materials needed and valued by people such as soils and forests. CAN be reproduced by the Earth's natural processes
non-renewable resources resources that CAN'T be replaced by the earth's natural process, such as oil and coal.
tarriff a tax placed on goods coming into one country from another
currency exchange the procedure for determining the value of on country's currency in terms of another country's currency
WMD Weapon of Mass Destruction-weapons that cause as much damage as possible and take the most human life. Examples are nuclear weapons and chemical weapons
PLO Plaestinian Liberation Organization-a radical group of Palestinians whose goal is to gain control of the former land of Palestine by force.
economics how individuals and societies seek to satisfy wants and needs through incentives, choices, and allocation of scarce resources.
Literacy rate The number of people in an area that can read and write
Coalition An alliance, especially a temporary one of people, groups, or nations
Regime A government in power
Population density A measure of the average population of an area per square mile.
Created by: jtpenrose
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