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Middle East Vocab

North Africa, Southwest and Central Asia

basic urban needs such as streets and housing Infrastructure
to take wild plants and animals and adapt them to make food, clothing, or transportation Domesticate
Sumerian writing system using wedge-shaped symbols pressed into clay tablets Cuneiform
pictures and symbols signifying words and sounds hieroglyphics
person believed to be a messenager from God Prophet
a ban on trade Embargo
suitable for growing crops Arable
an underground lake/water source Aquifer
process of changing saltwater into freshwater desalination
goods produced for sale Commodity
month of fasting (no foods/liquids while the sun is out) Ramadan
belief in one god Monotheism
trade route connecting China with the Mediterranean Sea Silk Road
radical Muslim group of terrorists that were in control of Afghanistan The Taliban
belief that ethnic group have a right to their own independent country Nationalism
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