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determining population size

Two ecologists fred and George travel to South America to study the Piranha population in a 100 mile section of the Amazon River. Fred's first attempt is to count all the piranha individually in the 100 mile section. What method of study is he using? Direct observation
Fred quickly realizes that catching piranha is not only impractical and dangerous. He does some research and discovers that prianha are territorial and lie in schools. Each school usually contains about 50-100 fish and inhabit an area of 3square miles. indirect observation
George thinks that Fred is a wimp and decides to map out a one square mile of the river and proceeds to catch and count 35 piranha. He uses this information to calculate the population of piranha in 100 miles. Sampling
The native Brazilian who brought the ecologist up the river thinks they are both nuts because they are using the wrong type of fishing pole and nets. He shows them how to catch and mark them for further study. mark and recapture
Created by: hgkaduson