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Business Vocab (1)

2011 Fall Vocab List

AGGLOMERATE To collect or gather into a cluster or mass.
ANALOGOUS Similar or comparable in some respects though otherwise dissimilar.
CONTIGUOUS Sharing an edge or boundary; touching.
CORRELATE Having a mutual relationship or connection
DELINEATE Describe or portray (something) precisely
DISPARITY The condition or fact of being unequal
DOGMATIC Characterized by or given to the expression of opinions very strongly or positively as if they were facts.
ECLECTIC Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
ENCAPSULATE To enclose as in a capsule; in concise form; condense.
EXACERBATE Make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.
FIDUCIARY Involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary
FORTUITOUS Happening by accident or chance rather than design
IMPUDENCE The quality of being offensively bold
INFERENCE A conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.
INNOCUOUS Not harmful or offensive
INSIPID Lacking vigor or interest
INTERPOLATE Insert (an intermediate value or term) into a series by estimating or calculating it from surrounding known values.
JUXTAPOSE To put two things close to each other in order to highlight or compare the differences between them.
KOWTOW Act in an excessively subservient manner
MYRIAD A countless or extremely great number
PALPABLE Able to be touched or felt; (especially of a feeling or atmosphere) so intense as to be almost touched or felt; clear to the mind or plain to see.
POIGNANT Evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret; Keenly felt.
SCOPE The extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant.
TACIT Understood or implied without being stated.
UBIQUITOUS Present, appearing, or found everywhere.
Created by: bitstudystack
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