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Edger Allen Poe

immolatiom to sacrifice by killing
cinnoissuership expert of something
vintages crop of grapes from a certain vinyard
motely colorful garments
pipe a 126 gallon cask
palazzo a fancy place of residancy
catacomb an underground grave yard
gait walking pace/ the way you walk
draught to gulp or drink
medoc a type of wine from France
mould a form (jello mold)
mason someone who lays bricks
trowel a tool used to spread mortar
rapier a two edged sword
niche a recess in which you would set something
fettered chained at the ankles
impunity immunity from danger or harm
retribution punishment that one deserves for a wrong they have done
countenance aspect, appearance especially the expression of the face
ember a glowing coal
fowl a bird
melancholy a gloom sad feeling
plume a big showy feather
feind a demon devil very wicked or cruel person
respite a period of rest
tempest a very large storm
wretch a miserable person
ebony black
fancy the power of mind to think of things that are not present or real
lattice the inside of a window that is attached to the frame
lore stories or tales
placid calm or low key
decorum to follow social conventions
relevancy relation to the task or idea at hand
discourse conversation
pallid dull or white
entreating making an earnest request or plead
obeisance an act that shows respect (a bow)
quaff to drink heartily
acute marked by keen discernment or intellectual perception especially of subtle distinctions
audacity intrepid boldness
derision the use of ridicule to show contempt
refrained to hold back or avoid
suavity smoothly or graciously
wary defensive
vexed confused or contridictory feelings
gesticulations very enthusiastic movements of the body
sagacity the quality of beeing keen in senses
vehemently intensely or emotionally
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