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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 13

FRATER/FRATRIS brother (Latin)
DEMOS the people, the citizens (Greek)
POPULUS people (Latin)
POLIS city (Greek)
URBS/URBIS city (Latin)
PATHOS feeling, suffering (Greek)
AUTOS self (Greek)
fraternal brotherly
fraternity brotherly association of men
fraternize associate together on friendly or brotherly terms
friar a member of a men's religious order
democracy people power
demography draw charts of information about the people-where they live, etc.
demophile friend of the people
epidemic a plague on the people; disease spread among citizens
public general body of people in a community
publish make known to people in general
popular pleasing to people in general
population whole number of people in an area
political concerning management of a city
police those who keep order in the city
polite having city (civilized) manners
policy course of action adopted in management of the city
urban pertaining to the city
suburb outlying part of the city; smaller town near a city
suburbanite one who lives in in a suburb
urbanites those who live in the city
pathology study of suffering or disease
apathy not feeling; lack of feeling
sympathy to feel what another feels
automobile self moving
autobiography life story written by oneself
autodynamic supplying its own power
automatic a machine that seems to think for itself; self-acting; self-regulating
Created by: LiseBrinkley