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An kenitic distribution of energy Heat Transfer
Heat Flow movement of thermal energy
Temperature the amount of thermal energy contained in a substance.
Heat Flow from a FLUID (Gas or Liquid) Convection (Example the Air, Hot air rises, cool air sinks) think weather pattern
Heat Flow in a Solid Conduction
Warm air Denser more kinetic energy
Cool Air Not as dense, less kinetic energy
WInd the result of air moving to its place in the density gradient. A common example of this is found at the beach. During the day (when the sun is out), the air over the water is cooler than the air over the land (water holds heat better than land)
Water (Example) If water warms, its density decreases and it rises. If water becomes cooler, its density increases and it sinks.
Example At the same time, water in the polar regions is cooler and sinks. These two driving forces cause ocean currents that move water in the oceans from near the tropics up toward the polar regions and back again.
Conduction Example Metals, for example, redistribute heat much more quickly than plastic or wood. This is why sauce pans are usually made of metal but do not have metal handles. If the handle was metal, when the pan was heated the handle would quickly become too hot to hold
Insulation The ability to act as a barrier to thermal energy transfer is called insulation. This characteristic is important in many aspects of life. Heat regulation is very important to maintaining proper function. At the organismal level there are many strategies
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