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Greek Words 12

Greek Words lesson 12

SCHISM a division or splitting of a church into factions
AERONAUTICS the art or practice of sailing or floating in the air
PHOTOGRAPH a picture due to the action of light on a sensitized film
ETHEREAL having the nature of air; light, heavenly
EXODUS departure from a place of country
HYDROPHOBIA unnatural or morbid dread of water; disease communicated by the bite of a rabid animal
HYGROMETER apparatus for measuring the humidity of the atmosphere
ISOBAR a line joining points at which the barometric pressure is the same
PHOSPHORUS a non-metallic element which readily absorbs oxygen from the air exhibiting a glow
PYROTECHNICAL pertaining to fireworks
PSEUDONYM a fictitious name
CAUSTIC capable of corroding or eating away tissue
PYROMANIA an insance propensity to set things on fire
ISOTHERM a line passing through points on the earth's surface which have the same temperature
HOLOCAUST a sacrificial offering burnt whole or wholly consumed
Created by: taytayhster