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lab safety

general lab safety (1-4) Read the entire lab procedure before you starting an experiment
general lab safety (2-4) Only perform the assigned experiment when the teacher has given you permission to do so, and when the teacher is supervising.
general lab safety (3-4) Know where all the safety and emergency equipment is located in the lab.
general lab safety (4-4) Only bring necessary materials into the lab area; keep your work area uncluttered.
Chemical Safety (1-4) Never taste any chemicals in the lab.
Chemical Safety (2-4) Always pour an acid or base into water, not vice-versa. Use the mnemonic A&W to help you remember that you should add Acid to Water, not water to acid.
Chemical Safety (3-4) Do not directly inhale any gas or vapor; use your hand to waft the fumes toward your nose.
Chemical Safety (4-4) Avoid contaminating stock solutions; never return unused chemicals to their original container.
Field Safety (1-7) Don't wander off alone.
Field Safety (2-7) Wear long pants, long sleeves, socks and closed-toe shoes
Field Safety (3-7) Don't touch any plants or animals without the teacher's permission.
Field Safety (4-7) Wash your hands after being in the field.
Field Safety (5-7) Notify the teacher of any allergies or medical conditions that you may have prior to going into the field.
Field Safety (6-7) Don't drink UN purified water.
Field Safety (7-7) Never put any part of a wild plant in your mouth.
Personal Safety (1-8) Always wear closed-toe shoes, safety goggles, a protective lab apron or lab coat, and protective gloves when working in the lab.
Personal Safety (2-8) If possible, wear clothes made of cotton. Synthetic materials can melt onto your skin if they catch fire.
Personal Safety (3-8) If a chemical gets in your eye(s), go to an eyewash station and flush your eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. Notify the teacher.
Personal Safety (4-8) Tie back long hair, and roll up loose sleeves.
Personal Safety (5-8) Never eat, drink, or apply makeup in the lab.
Personal Safety (6-8) Do not touch your face or eyes while conducting an experiment.
Personal Safety (7-8) If you have to cut something, cut in a direction that is away from your body.
Personal Safety (8-8) Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after completing experiments.
Created by: Rodney77