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xray boards


gerontological elderly patients
orthopnea unable to breathe while laying down
apnea cessation of breathing for short intervals
oligopnea infrequent breathing; as slow as only 6-10 rpm
varicies dialtated twisted veins
acalasia dilation of the esophagus as a result of the cardiac sphincters failure to felax and allow food to pass into the ST
sysphasia speech impaiment resulting form a brain lesion
dysphagia difficulty swallowing and is most common espohageal complaint
hiatal hernia protrusion of a portion of the ST through the cardiac sphincter
esophagogram imaging of the esophagus
myelogram rad examination of the structures within the spinal canal.
fomite an inanimate object that has been in contact with an infectious microorganism
vector an animal or host of an infectious organism that transmits the infection via bite or sting, such as a mosquito
airborn contamination droplets
invasion of privacy someone who discloses confidential info to unauthorized individuals
defamation *disclosure of confidential pt info that in some way may be detrimental or otherwise harmful to the pt * when the pt's confidentiality is not respected, and as a result, the pt suffers embarrassment or mockery
slander spoken defamation
libel written defamation
battery is to carry out the threat
false imprisonment if a pt is ignored after stating that they no longer want to continue the exam
assault the threat of touching or laying hands on someone
battery unlawful laying of hands on a pt
angina pain caused by constriction of the bv's
what is most likely used for angina? a vsodilator
what is used for cardiac arrest? vasoconstritors (dopamine or epinepherine)
what are used to treat allergic reactions antihistamines
sx's of impending diabetic coma include: * increased urination * sweet smelling breath * extreme thirst
heparine decrease coagulation
norepinepherine raise BP
nitroglycerine vasodilator
lidocaine local anesthetic or antidysrythmic
TB and mumps are spread through ___ the air
rubeola is spread via ____ droplet contact
cells concerned with the formation and repair of bone are called? osteoblasts
cells that are concerned with the breakdown and resorption of old or dead bone are called? osteoclasts
osteoma benigh bony tumor
osteon microscopic unit of compact bone, consisting of haversian canal and it's surrounding lammellae
ascites accumulation of fluid, increase in tissue density
what is the name of the condition that results in the forward slipping of one vertebra on the one below it? spondlolisthesis
germicide & disinfectants used to kill pathogenic microorganisms
antiseptics used to stop the growth or spread of microorganisms
sterilization refers to the killing of all microorganisms and their spores
autoclave pressurized steam
gas or chemical sterilization used for things that are unable to withstand high temperatures and or moisture
medullary canal the central cavity of a long bone
what in contained in the medullary canal yellow marrow
where is red marrow found within the cancellous tissue forming the extremities of long bones
what does the bony thorax consist of? 12 pairs of ribs and the structures to which they are attached anteriourly and posteriorly: the sternum and thoracic vert
nitroglycerine vasodilator; angina
digitalis CHF
dilantin seizures
cimetidine (Tagamet) duodenal ulcers
surgical asepsis technique used when performing procedures to prevent contamination
medical asepsis practices that reduce the spread of microbes and there fore the chance of spreading disease or infection
disinfection use of chemicals to either inactivate or inhibit the growth of microbes
sterilization the complete killing of microbes
neurogenic shock pooling of blood in the peripheral vessels
cardiogenic shock cardiac failure
hypovolemic shock loss of large amount of blood
4 stages of infection latent period incubation period disease phase convalescent phase
latent period infection is introduced and lies dormant
incubation period microbes reproduce
disease period signs and symptoms if the infection may begin the infection is most active and communicable at this point
convalescent phase body fights off the infection, and the symptoms regress
heparin prevent clotting
diphenhydramine allergic reaction
lidocaine ventricular arrythmia local anesthetic
renal colic pain associated with the passage of renal calculi
pneumoperitoneum abnormal accumularion of air or gas in the peritoneal cavity
obstructed bowel involves distended air or gas filled bowel loops
ascites abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abd cavity
diarthrotic joints are "synovial joints" freely moveable
amphiarthrotic joints are partially moveable joints whose articular surfaces are connected by cartilage
synarthrotic joints are immovable aka the cranial sutures
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