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Chapter 24 Review

latin review for day 2 of the test

bonus, -a , -um melior (melius), optimus
malus, -a , -um peior (peius), pessimus
magnus, -a , -um maior (maius), maximus
parvus, -a , -um minor (minus), minimus
multus, -a , -um plus, plurimi, -ae, -a
numero number
caveo caution
praetereo preterit
provideo provide
veho vehicle
victoria victor
inimicus inimical
praemium premium
spectaculum spectacle
cliens client
rodo order
conspectus inveighconspectus
genus genus
superbus superb
crudelis cruel
ferox fierce
caveat emptor let the buyer beware
cave canem beware of the dog
cave quid dicis, quando, et cui beware what you say, when, and to whom
ex nihilo hihil fit nothing comes from nothing
volenti non fit iniuria to a willing (person) no harm is done
luc fiat let there be light
fiat voluntas tua (may) your will be done
fiat iustitia ruat caelum let justice be done, though heaven may fall
novus ordo seclorum a new order of the ages (is created)
et hoc genus omne and everything of that kind
amicus humani generis a friend
hostis humani generis an enemy of the human race
sui generis of its own kind
alieni generis of a differend kind
magis mutus quam piscis more mute than a fish
potius mori quam foedari rather to die than to be dishonored
ex post facto from what is done afterwards
onus probandi the bruden fo proof
prima facie on/at first apperance
a vinculo matrimoni from the bond of marriage
a mensa et toro from tabel to couch
compos mentis sound of mind
non compos mentis not of sound mind
nolo contenderei s/he does not prosecute
nolle prosequi to be unwilling to prosecute
Created by: Nemo1149