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Cheney Science Words


a graph that uses bars to represent data bargraph
temperature is measured in celsius
a graph that shows part of a whole circle graph
grouping according to similarities or differences in their characteristics classification
comes at the end of an experiment conclusion
the careful use and protection of natural resources conservation
the features of an experiment that are the same control
another word for information data
to break down into particles too small to be seen dissolve
distance is measured in meters
a push or a pull force
a force caused by two objects rubbing against each other friction
mass is measured in this grams
the force that causes attraction between two objects gravity
anything that can be dangerous hazard
a prediction hypothesis
the tendency of a moving object to keep moving or of a still object to stay still is inertia
100 degrees celsius is the boiling point of water
in the metric system the word that means 1000 is kilo
a graph that uses a line to represent change is linegraph
volume is measured in liters
this is used to display locations map
the amount of matter in something is mass
a collection of materials in which the materials do not join together mixture
a natural satellite that orbits a planet moon
a change in an object's position motion
gathering information using your senses observations
the curved path around an object such as a planet moving around the sun orbit
something done to prevent an accident precaution
to reuse recycle
a physical propeerty that opposes the flow of electricity resistance
used to explore questions and investigate the world scientific method
energy that comes from the sun solar energy
the ability to dissolve soluble
a type of mixture in which the particles mix completely together and become one solution
something used to represent something else symbol
when both sides of an object are the same symmetry
the physical property of heat temperature
can be observed and measured testable
the roughness and smoothness of how something feels texture
a single complete investigation trial
this word means true valid
the feature of an experiment that is different variable
an electric circuit with many cirles and paths parallel
an electric circuit with one path series
the more water you put into a glass the _______the sound becomes lower
will not let light through opaque
easily seen through transparent
soak in absorb
the bouncing back of light rays reflecting
when light is bent refract
energy you can see that moves in waves light energy
this energy comes from the sun solar energy
a lens that is curved outward convex
a lens that is curved inward concave
the back and forth movement of an object vibration
an area where air particles are pushed together compression
vibrations that we can hear are known as sound
sound travels faster through solids
sound cannot travel through outer space because there are no particles
red, orange , yellow, green, blue , indigo, violet ROY G BIV stands for -
a decision based on observations and reasoning inference
someone who buys merchandise consumer
the air that surrounds earth atmosphere
all the earth's rocks lithosphere
all the earth's water hydrosphere
the pieces of earth's crust that is broken up tectonic plates
the thickest of earth's layers. It is the texture of oatmeal mantle
the only liquid layer of earth, made of melted iron outer core
the hottest layer of earth and it is solid metal because of the pressure inner core
the thinnest layer of earth crust
one of 7 enormous landmasses that floats on Earth's surface continent
the flow of charges through a circuit current
the wearing away of rock or soil by wind, water, or ice erosion
one of many different shaped features found on the continents, such as a mountain, valley, or plateau landform
an object used to refract light lens
anything that has mass and takes up space matter
traits or features that describe something characteristics
any animal with a backbone vertebrate
animals without backbones invertebrate
only birds have these feathers
the animal groups that are warmblooded birds and mammals
the animal groups that are coldblooded amphibians, reptiles, fish
any living thing organism
grow, use energy, reproduce, respond to their environment, get rid of waste characteristics of all living things
name the vertebrate groups mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish
when an animal undergoes changes or growth and development lifecycle
a change in form metamorphosis
the early immature state in the life cycle of some organisms larva
the caterpillar inside the chrysalis pupa
what does a caterpiller spend most of its time doing? eating
this means making more reproduce
an animal that lives in water when it is young and lives on land when it is an adult amphibian
how many legs an insect has 6
name the body parts of an insect abdomen, thorax, head
biotic any living thing
anything not alive like a rock abiotic
any organism that can make its own food producer
a consumer that breaks down the remains of dead organisms decomposer
a path that shows the flow of energy in a community food chain
a series of overlapping food chains food web
the process by which plants change carbon dioxide and water into sugar and oxygen photosynthesis
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