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latin america ch 6

what two things are the Maya' famous for? hieroglyphs or also called glyphs and they made a 365 day calender based on the sun. they alo were the ones to first understand the concept of zero. they estalished the est-devoled wriiten language.
what did the aztec' use for gardening sence most of there land was marsh? there floating gradens called chinampas
what did the inca's do? they used stone terraces, stone roads, and made the stone work is in the city of Machu Pichu
what does el nino do? it's a high presured wind in the south paific
what is the tropial zone? it's between 23,27 north and 23,27 south. tipically hot here.
what are tributaries? rivers or streams that flow into a larger bodt of water; such as the amazon
what is deforestation? the process of cutting and clearing away trees from a forest,.
how has deforsation affected the amazon because they lear alot of plantes and trees so they get less and less oxygen
what are two reasons about meio that are hurting people. mudslides nd volcanoes. and there poultion is bad from the automoile exhust.
Created by: 17kschul