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Latin test(11/21/11)

Latin III

Iunonius, Iunonia, Iunonium Junonian
Samos, Sami, f An island near Ephesus on the coast of Asia Minor
Delos, Deli, f An island in the Aegean; Birthplace of Apollo and Artemis
Paros, Pari, f One of the Cycladic islands
Lebinthos, Lebinthi, f A Greek island
fecundus, fecunda, fecundum fruitful; fertile
mel, mellis, n honey
Calymne, Calymnes, f A Greek island
audax, audacis bold
volatus, volatus, m a flight
desero, deserere, deserui, desertus to leave, desert
rapidus, rapida, rapidum fierce
vicinia, vininiae, f nearness
tabesco, tabere, tabui to melt
cera, cerae, f wax
quatio, quatere, quassus to shake
remigium, remigii, n oars, rowing
percipio,percipere, percepi, perceptu to seize
caeruleus, caerulea, caeruleum dark blue
patrius, patria, patrium paternal, of a father
Icarus, Icari, m Icarus
regio, regonis, f region
requiro, requirere, resivi, resitus to seek again, look for
devoveo, devovere, devovi, devotus to curse
sepulcrum, sepulcri, n tomb
sepelio, sepelire, sepelivi, sepultus to bury
Icarus, Icari, m Icarus
periculum, periculi, n danger
renideo, renidere to beam, to smile
pluma, plumae, f feather
flavus, flava, flavum yellow
pollex, pollicis, m the thumb
lusus, lusus, m game
mirabilis, mirabile wonderful, marvelous
inpedio, inpedire, inpedivi, inpeditus to impede
opifex, opificis, m workman
instruo, instruere, instruxi, instructus to instruct
limes, limitis, m road, way
celsus, celsa, celsum high
aduro, adurere, adurussi, adurustus to set fire, kindle
Bootes, Bootae, or Booti, m the constellation Bootes or the "Bear Keeper"
Helice, Helices, f the constellation Helice or Ursa Major
stringo, stringere, stringinxi, stringictus to draw
Orion, Orionis, m the constellation Orion or the Hunter
Daedalus constructed his wings from what? wax, feathers, and rope
"se" is what? a refelxive pronoun or adjective; as a pronoun, can be singular or plural
Who was Daedalus? a master craftsman who worked for King Minos and the father of Icarus
What did fishermen and farmers think of Icarus and Daedalus as they soared above Greece? that they were dieties
locative ablative case-- expresses places
ablative of means-- explains -how- action of the verb occurred(by means of...)
ablative of cause-- explains -why- the action of the verb occurred(by cause of...)
Created by: hcmeek