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Geography Exam!

What is demography? It is the study if the population
What is globalisation? How we are expanding, in relation to communication new technology science, transport and industry
What are standards of living? Resources that people can expect to access in their community or society eg clean air, safe water, public transport, high quality of food, medical facilities, educational services and more
How do we measure a nation’s standard of living? •Economic •Social •Demographic •Health •Political indicators
What is the human development index measures poverty, literacy, education, life expectancy.
What is population? It the total number of people in area such as a city, country or continent and any given time
What is PQE? Pattern – Very general Quantification – The actual countries Exception – When something doesn’t follow the pattern
What is SHEEP? Social – Characters of people and society (Gender, Language,) Historical – Elements that have occurred in the past (Colonialism, Planning,) Economic – Factors relating to spending of money (Employment) Environmental –factors related to both natural and
What are the UN Millennium Development goals? To improve shelter, clean water, sanitation, education, poverty, human rights and climactic variability
What are human rights? It is the bare minimum that each human deserves
What is the role of an NGO? To provide assistance for third world countries
What are the impacts of global population increase? Global warming, pressure on fresh water, food shortages, rise of infectious diseases and many more
What is population density? It is how many people are living in a square kilometre
What is population distribution? How much of a population is spread out throughout an area
What do population profiles demonstrate? population profiles demonstrate the age and sex structure of the population of a certain place/region
What is important about the age structure of population profiles? Age groupings in five-year sets, such as 0-4 years and 5-9 years
What is important about the sex structure of population profiles? Women are on the right because they are always right and men are on the left.
What are the different shapes of population profiles, and what do these tell us about different populations? Triangle mean expanding birth rate, a leaf shape means ageing population low birth rate, same on each side is stable, a head and neck shape is fluctuating population, stronger on male side is expanding of young males, and visa versa
What is a refugee/asylum seeker? Asylum seekers are people that attempt to find safety in a foreign country because of war, terrorism, extreme poverty, famine and persecution.
What is a displaced person? Someone who has been removed from their home and no longer has a home.
What is a push factor is if when you have to leave your country because of war, famine or poverty
What are the three most common threats to existence? Drought, poverty and disease
What is interesting about the amount of water available to us on the earth? 1% of fresh water is available today
What are the consequences of overuse of water? Lakes and rivers decreasing in size because they are getting use by too many people
What are the two best ways to decrease population? Make a one child policy or educated people in third world countries about contraception methods to help them understand to slow down on how many children they are having
What is a pull factors? If you get a job in another country you are getting pulled out of your country by choice.
Causes of Child Labour poverty, lack of good educational facilities like school and universities, most families believe that a child is born to them to earn more money for the family.
What is the current trend in world population growth? The global rate of growth has decreased, but there are more people and the population will continue to grow.
What is infant mortality rate? Infant mortality rate is the death rate of children under one year.
What are fertility rates? Fertility rates are the birth rate and the rate of how many people are being born.
29. Why do people move from place to place? How does this movement affect population profiles? Because they find more positive goals such as land, money, jobs and peace in other areas. This movement may affect population profiles in such a way that particular age groups lower in percentage of population in one area.
Created by: carlalovesyou