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Chapter 10 Test

what is an export? something sent to another country for sale or trade
name a chief crop of brazil, Columbia, and Mexico bananas
who are campesinos? people who live and work in rural areas
what is latifundia? large estates owned by families or corporations
what is minifundia? small farms that produce food mainly for family use and the local market
what are maquiladoras? factories and Mexican cities near the US border
what are some of the important industries found in Brazil? iron and steel, cars, textiles, cement, paper, machinery, chemicals
what is the reason that transportation and communication systems are not highly developed in Latin America? because of cost and physical barriers such as rugged terrain, dense vegetation, and mountains
what is an ecosystem? a complex variety of life in a delicately balanced environment
what is slash and burn farming? cut down all trees and strip them of bark then burn them
what are the major concerns of scientists about the effects of deforestation of the rain forest? 1) will cause plants and animals to go extinct 2) upset the world's heat balance causing a dangerous warming effect 3) inbalance in the worlds water cycle
name 3 other problems found in many Latin American cities housing, air pollution, and not enough to eat
name ways that Latin American political leaders and the government are using in order to improve life in these cities promote tourism, encouraging businesses to relocate out of city
the most important agricultural product in the caribbean is? sugar cane
what is the cash crop in Honduras? bananas
service industries provide _____ rather than goods services
What is Mexico City's major problem? lack of housing
what is the major road system in Latin America? Pan American Highway
the Mexican government hopes to create new jobs in the country through _______ tourism
Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are world leaders in __________ cattle production
use of cars is restricted in Mexico City in order to cut down on ____________ air pollution
why has Mexico planted many trees in urban areas? to make them look better and to purify the air
how has Mexico increased its industrial base? through its large work force, transportation networks, and natural resources
what are the factors that have hindered industrialization in Latin America? lack of money, lack of skilled workers, lack of natural resources
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