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erosion & deposition

erosion & deposition vocabulary

the process by which natural forces move weathered rock & sediment EROSION
the process by which sediment settles out of the water or wind & is deposited in a new location, changing the shape of the land DEPOSITION
gravity, running water, glaciers, waves, wind AGENTS OF EROSION
the three processes that, together, wear down and build up Earth's surface WEATHERING, EROSION & DEPOSITION
a process of erosion that moves rock & sediment downhill; caused by gravity MASS MOVEMENT
rock & soil slide quickly down a steep slope LANDSLIDE
rapid downhill flow of a mixture of water, rock & soil MUDFLOW
a mass of rock & soil suddenly slide down a slope in one large mass SLUMP
the very slow downhill movement of rock & soil CREEP
the major agent of erosion that has shaped Earth's surface MOVING WATER
water that moves across the land because it is not absorbed into the soil RUNOFF
a feature that can significantly decrease the amount of runoff in an area VEGETATION
a feature that significantly increases the amount of runoff in an area DEVELOPMENT
the land area from which a river & its tributaries collect water (aka drainage basin) WATERSHED
tiny grooves in soil caused by runoff RILLS
large grooves or channels that carry runoff after heavy rain GULLIES
channels in which water is continually flowing down a slope STREAMS
large streams RIVERS
formed by steep slopes that erode rapidly due to a fast-moving river V-SHAPED VALLEY
formed by a river flowing over an area of hard rock that resists erosion that is supported by layers of soft, easily eroded rock WATERFALL
looping bends of a river MEANDERS
crescent-shaped body of water formed from a meander cut off from a river by deposition OXBOW LAKE
landform made of sediment deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake DELTA
a wide, sloping deposit of sediment formed where a stream leaves a mountain range ALLUVIAL FAN
the breaking down of rock into sediment WEATHERING
the cause of mass movement GRAVITY
THE major agent of erosion is __, which includes __ & __. MOVING WATER; RIVERS & RUNOFF
landforms/features produced by runoff RILLS, GULLIES, STREAMS, RIVERS
for deposition to occur, the agent of erosion must __ SLOW DOWN
Of the following agents of WEATHERING, which is NOT also an agent of erosion? gravity ice (glaciers) living organisms (animals, plants) moving water wind ORGANISMS are NOT agents of erosion
The following are agents of EROSION that ALSO weather rock: gravity, glaciers, moving water, wind. How do these agents BREAK rock? by ABRASION
landforms created when water in a river slows down OXBOW LAKE, DELTA, ALLUVIAL FAN
landform that protects coastlines from waves & severe storms BARRIER ISLAND
source of material (sand, etc) that makes up most beaches RIVER SEDIMENT DEPOSITED INTO THE OCEAN
The weakest agent of erosion is __, except in areas that have __. WIND; LITTLE VEGETATION
ridges of sediment deposited by glaciers MORAINES
The size of sediment carried by wind & water increases as __. THE SPEED OF THE WIND & WATER INCREASES
landform produced by glacial erosion U-SHAPED VALLEY
3 landforms produced by wave erosion SEA CAVE, SEA ARCH, SEA STACK
landforms produced by rivers carrying away sediment MEANDER, WATERFALL, V-SHAPED VALLEY
key distinction between creep & all other types of mass movement SPEED
the process by which glaciers carry sediment, rocks, boulders PLUCKING
Georgia's St Simons, Jekyll, & Cumberland are examples of __ BARRIER ISLANDS
The continuous movement of sand due to longshore drift is interrupted/altered by __. JETTIES
What is a remedy to the runoff produced by certain kinds of development? GREEN ROOFING
Created by: cgottlieb
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