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greece study guide

anicent greece

hellenistic era a time when greek language spread to non greek people
poils a greek city-state
peninsula a body of land with water on three sides
acropolis a market and metting place
agora an open area used for market and metting place
oligarchy rule by few
philosophers thinkers who study qustions about life
represntative democracy citzens choose a smaller group to govern on thir behalf
direct democracy citzens run govt at mass meetings
greek arts were potery murals sculptures
how did greek culture spread cuncerd citeis w/ scientist artist plus writers.
alphabet was phoenicians
whats inportent about greek gods the were power over what we have or will have and to know were all this stuff came from
king were first to rule the city-state
tragdies have a sad ending to a play or story
direct democracy ruled were the last ofthe rulers
most important greek architecture temples
nobles the secound to rule
imports grain metal fish teber
tryants the tird to rule
important greek contributions citzenship democracy
rights to vote own land defend thir selfs
responsiblites serve in army and navy
characterics of greek cizen have to be a man,native born,18 or older and own land
comedies a happy ending in a story or play
alexandra the great built the persian empire
pythagoras mathmatics
homer poet wrote iliad and odyssey
aesop slave who made up now famus fabels
archimedes catapult pully lever
socrates socratic methed
Created by: shaebyrd