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Medic Meds

Medic MedicationWhy I'm giving it is...What you might feel is...Adult/Pedi Doses (scc)
Albuterol to decrease airway resistence, Bronchospasm/ constriction. Relief of respiratory resistence. A boost in heart rate. Adult: 5mg via hand held nebulizer Pedi: 1.25mg in 3ml NS in hand held nebulizer (<6yrs)
Atropine Sulfate it blocks parasympathetic impulses and takes the brakes off increasing conduction and cardiac output. also blocks organophosphate poisoning by blocking muscarinic responses to Ach. skin flushed, dry mouth, headache or blurred vision. Adult:0.5-1.0 mg IV/IO1.0-2.0 mg ET TUBE
Dopamine To increase end-organ perfusion in cardiogenic shock and in hemodynamically significant hypotension not resulting from hypovolemia. n/v, anginal pain, palpitations, headache, and BP changes.
Epinephrine to restore cardiac rhythm in arrest by increasing rate and output while strengthing myocardial contraction or for treatment of allergic reactions by inhibiting histamine release and dilating bronchiole smooth muscle decreasing airway resistence. sweating, restlessness, headache, n/v, weakness, and anxiety.
Created by: drdunncmt