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chapt 27.1


ager, P field agrī, 2M (agriculture)
dēnique finally
amoenus-a-um pleasant, enjoyable (amenities)
cingere to surround, encircle (precinct)
frūmentum wheat,grain
metere to reap,harvest
arāre to plow (arable)
serere to plant, sow (insert)
agricola (+ gender) farmer M, but not 1st declension
negōtium business, work (negotiate)
colere to tend, care for
arātrum plow
īnstrūmentum instrument, tool (instrument)
arātor (+P&G) plowman, arātōrēs, M
prae (+ case) before, in front of + abl. (any pre-word)
agere to drive (agent)
sēmen (+P&G) seed sēmina, N (seminary, disseminate)
spargere (+2 perf. infins.) to spread, scatter sparsisse, sparsum (sparse)
prōvenīre to grow, come forth (provenance)
mātūrus-a-um ripe, mature (mature)
falx (+P&G) sickle, scythe falcēs, F (falcon)
ūtī (+ case) to use + abl. (utility)
regiō (+P&G) region regiōnēs, F
-ve or
frūgēs (always pl. gender) crops, produce, F
fertilis-e fertile
pāscere to pasture, graze
pecus (+P&G) herd pecora, N
lāna wool
cōpia supply, amount, abundance (copious, copy)
importāre to import
solum (new meaning) soil
parum too little, an insufficiency, lack
pluvial rain
irrigāre to irrigate
dēsinere present inf desiisse
spargere (+fins) to spread sparsisse, sparsum
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