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IC L20

Integrated Chinese Lesson 20 II

上大学 to attend college
为了 for the sake of; because of
提高 to improve
听力 listening comprehension
to change, adjust, or mix
channel (for TV, radios, etc.)
足球 soccer
game; match; competition
国际 international
美式 American (style)
to kick
to hold or carry in the arms
起来 complement indicating the beginning of an action
used in a passive sentence to introduce the agent of the action; by
压坏 to smash; to get hurt by being crushed
担心 to worry
特别 special
运动服 sportswear
受伤 to get injured
to bear, receive, or suffer
半天 "half-day" (used to indicate a long time)
看不出(来) to be unable to tell
出来 complement indicating achievement of a result
to lose
to win
Created by: mrchuang