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A teacher should always be present whenever you are working in the lab. True
Playing with the eyewash or shower safety equipment is permitted when your teacher leaves the room. False
The teacher should be notified of all chemical spills or breakage of equipment, unless they are very minor. True
Drinks and food are permitted at the lab tables as long as you have finished your experiment and cleaned up. True
Odors are best detected by placing your nose directly over the opening of a chemical container. False
Safety goggles or glasses must be worn at all times while doing experiments in the lab. True
You should notify your teacher immediately in the event of an injury to yourself or others, even if it is just a little scrape or cut. True
All liquids from experiments can be poured down the sink. False
It is usually safe to mix chemicals to see what will happen. False
You should always clean up your lab area and wash your hands before leaving class. True
Fire Extinguisher Normally a red tank that contains material that can put out a fire.
Lab Apron Protects your body and clothing from harmful substances.
Safety Goggles Protect the eyes from splashing liquids or flying objects.
Prevention against hurt, injury, or loss Safety.
Emergency An event that requires immediate action or assistance.
Safety Gloves Protect hands from harmful materials, including heat and chemicals.
Safety Shower Structure that rinses contaminants from the body.
Eye/Face Wash Station Rinses harmful materials from the face and eyes.
Fire Blanket Made of fire-resistant fabric and is used to smother small fires.
Flammability The ability of a substance to burn.
Hazardous Waste material that is harmful to living things.
Recycle To make new materials out of old materials.
Heat-resistant gloves Used to protect the hands from hot objects.
Closed container Do not heat this or it may explode.
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