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Kanji 3

morning, dynasty asa
light, next, visible aka, a
daytime, noon hiru
to come, next ki, ko, ku
to go, to do, bank koo, i
to hear, to ask, audible, reputation ki, bun
food, eating ta
to go, to appear, to emerge shu, de
to drink no
to enter, to come in hai, i
to rest, to take off, vacation yasu
evening yuu
now, the present kon, ko, ki, ima
week shuu
day of the week yoo
every, each mai
times, to turn kai, mawa
to see, to show mi
awakening, rise, beginning o
to read yo
fire, Tuesday ka
water, Wednesday mizu, sui
tree, wood, Thursday moku, ki
gold, metal, Friday kane, kin
earth, soil, Saturday do
meeting, society, understanding a
夕方 evening yuugata
有ごはん dinner yuugohan
休む break yasumu
毎日 everyday mainichi
毎週 every week maishuu
毎月 every month maitsuki
毎年 every year maitoshi
見る to watch miru
起きる to wake up okiru
読む to read yomu
会う to meet au
行く to go iku
聞く to listen kiku
しん聞 newspaper shinbun
食べる to eat taberu
出かける to go out dekakeru
出る to leave deru
出しん hometown shuusshin
飲む to drink nomu
入る to enter hairu
入れる to put in ireru
朝ごはん breakfast asagohan
明日 tomorrow ashita
午後 PM gogo
午前 AM gozen
昼ごはん lunch hirugohan
来週 next week raishuu
来る to come kuru
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