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Stack #760493

CCC [Fundamentals] Evolution of Nursing (Ch 1)

For the nursing profession to advance, nursing education must provide graduates with competencies to meet the health care challenges of the 21st century
Florence Nightingale revolutionalized nursing by educating nurses in theoretical concepts as well as clincal skills
Who founded the Red Cross in the US Clara Barton
This pioneer suggested the establishment of a national health insurance plan, initiated public health nursing, and established a school of nursing. Lillian Wald
Evidence-based nursing practice can be best described as the application of evidence from research findings to aid in clinical decision making
Requires a delicate balance of promoting client's independence and dependence, focuses on the client's response to illness, promotes health and helps clients move to a higher level of wellness, and combines art and science nursing
This pioneer founded the first hospital in 390 AD Fabiola
This pioneer is considered the founder of modern nursing, and implementation of her principles resulted in reduced morbidity and mortality during the Crimean War Florence Nightingale
This pioneer opposed physicians training aides because it violated the educational standards already established. Jane Delano
This level of education is required to practice as a nurse practitioner Master's Degree
Nontraditional graduate programs leading to RN licensure require the cirricula to complete whatever undergraduate or graduate pre-requisite courses that are needed to sit for the NCLEX-RN
This professional diagnoses primary health care problems, prescribes therapeutic modalities, promotes cotinuity of care, and may specialize in a variety of areas advance practice registered nurse
This professional provides care to inividuals who are unable to care for themselves, with a holistic approach, assist clients to cope with illness or disability registered nurse
Currently the nursing professions sees itself as focusing on responses to illness for the person or community
Created by: cjone102