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Phylum Echinodermate

classes of Echinoderms

class Asteroidea star like
class Ophiuroidea serpent like
class Echinoidea spiny like
class Holothuroidea whole rushing like
class Crinoidea lily like
class Asteroidea (Animals) Ocher star, Bat star, Starfish
class Echinoidea (Animals) Sea urchin, Sand dollar,Heart urchin
class Ophiuroidea (Animals) Brittle star, Basket star
class Holothuroidea (Animals) Sea cucumber,
class Crinoidea (Animals) Sea lily,Feather star,
class Asteroidea (Characteristics) 100% marine, dioecious(lack sexual dimorphism), monomorphic(one structure),posses a water vascular system, have a endoskeleton,have regenerative properties, 5(n)Pentamery
class Ophiuroidea (Characteristics) lives in 45 F, lives in tide pools,bioluminescence(ability to glow),depends on food that floats down to it,
class Echinoidea (Characteristics) eats brown sea weed, is eaten in Japanese resturants, has ambullacral plates, has interambullacal plates,
class Holothuroidea (Characteristics) has no pedicellariae, second edible echinodermata doacal, they are aphrodisiacs, uses covierian strands as a defense mechanism, uses cloacol respiration(breathing through anus),evisceration(throwing out its internal organs),
class Crinoidea (Characteristics) its not eating, its used for science and research, found in fiji, colorful
Created by: Geeked_Up